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The act of creating has long been a driving force in my life.  After designing and building my own home entirely by hand and creating a sustainable, organic life style in rural Massachusetts, I worked as a fine art photographer with shows in New York, Boston, and other East Coast cities.  I've also worked and exhibited as a cabinet maker, a stained-glass artisan, and a potter.  However, my primary career focus was as a film and video-maker.  My work in this field has been recognized by over fifty national and international awards including honors from the New York International and Chicago International Film Festivals and inclusion in the Library of Congress CINE Collection.

Upon retiring, I began to channel my creative energies into sculpture.   Over the past few years, my work has appeared in over sixty juried shows from California to New York and was featured in the book "Contemporary Sculptors." 

Artist's Statement


My work, both figurative and abstract, arises from my subconscious combined with memory and a spontaneous interaction with a variety of materials.  The sculptures have been described as elegant and evocative, yet also earthy and powerful and are imbued with a mythic, numinous, and archetypal awareness that comes directly from my process of creation.  My ultimate goal is to have the viewer feel a sense of familiarity with the work...a sense of knowing, of understanding.

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1984    MFA—Stanford University
Selected Exhibitions:
 2020   “Reflections”—Arc Gallery, San Francisco, CA
            “Fresh Works IX”—Harrington Gallery, Pleasanton, CA
            “Celebration of Art”—Marin Society of Artists Gallery, San Rafael, CA
            ”50 and Older”—Las Lagunas Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA
            “Winter Juried Show”—realArt Gallery, Agoura Hills, CA 
            “Emotions”—Library Gallery, San Carlos, CA
            “Art in the Time of Corona”—Dab Art Co., Los Angeles, CA 
            “National Clay Competition”—Epperson Gallery, Crockett, CA 
2019    “Clay Matters”—Epperson Gallery, Crockett, CA
            “Wide Open 10”—BWAC Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
            “Expressions”—Marin Society of Artists, San Rafael, CA
            “Visions in Clay”—LH Horton Gallery, Stockton, CA
2018    “Sculpture in the Garden”—Ruth Bancroft Garden, Walnut Creek, CA
            “Visions in Clay”—L.H. Horton Gallery, Stockton, CA 
            “Art Show”—BWAC Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
            “Material Matters:  Breaking with Tradition”—BWAC Gallery, New York, NY
            “Ingenuity”—Marin Society of Artists, San Rafael, CA
            “Liberty”—Arc Gallery, San Francisco, CA
2017    “Nasty Woman”—The Main Gallery, Redwood City, CA
            “2017 California Clay Competition”—The Artery Gallery, Davis, CA 
            “Off Center”—Blue Line Arts, Roseville, CA
            "Wide Open 8"— BWAC Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
            “Recycle”— BWAC Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
            “Silicon Valley Open Studios”—Portola Valley, CA 
            “+ 2”—The Main Gallery, Redwood City, CA 
            “Visions in Clay”—L.H. Horton Gallery, Stockton, CA 
2016    “Annual Invitational Show”—Pacific Art League, Palo Alto, CA 
            “Abstractions”—Pacific Art League, Palo Alto, CA 
            “Figures & Faces”—Pacific Art League, Palo Alto, CA 
            “The Beauty of Form”—chashama, New York, NY 
            Featured Artist—Blackhawk Gallery, Danville, CA 
2015    "Heads and Hands"—Solo Show, Rotunda Gallery, Redwood City, CA  
            "America's Clayfest III"—Blue Line Art Gallery, Roseville, CA 
            "Sculpture in the Garden"—Ruth Bancroft Gardens, Walnut Creek, CA
            “Slice”—Pence Gallery, Davis, CA 
2014    "Grand Opening Show"—Pacific Art League, Palo Alto, CA  
            "Abstractions"—Pacific Art League, Palo Alto, CA 
            "America's Clayfest"—Blue Line Art Gallery, Roseville, CA 
            "Wide Open 5"—BWAC Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
            “CAL 30th Annual Juried Show”—Coastal Arts League, Half Moon Bay, CA
2013    “Annual Invitational Show”—Pacific Art League, Palo Alto, CA 
            “America’s Clayfest”—Blue Line Art Gallery, Roseville, CA 
            “Spring Exhibition”—Skyline Gallery, San Bruno, CA 
            “Celebrate the Healing Power of Art”—Manhattan Arts Intl., NY, NY
            "Visions in Clay"—L.H. Horton Gallery, Stockton, CA 
            "Figures and Faces"—Pacific Art League, Palo Alto, CA
            “2D-3D”—L.H. Horton Gallery, Stockton, CA
2011    “SVOS Invitational”—Pacific Art League, Palo Alto, CA 
            “Spring Exhibition”—Skyline Gallery, San Bruno, CA
            “Figurative Works”—L.H. Horton Gallery, Stockton, CA 
            “Scapes:  Land, Sea & City”—Pacific Art League, Palo Alto, CA
2010    “Made in California”—Brea Art Gallery, Brea, CA 
            “California Open Exhibition”—Long Beach Arts, Long Beach, CA
            “Art Outside the Box”—Pacific Art League, Palo Alto, CA 
            “Figures and Faces”—Pacific Art League, Palo Alto, CA 
bronze sculpture, sculpture, bronze, Dan Woodard, figurative sculpture, contemporary sculpture

"Marion," fresh from the foundry.

2020    Art Folio, Second Annual Edition, Doug King, Editor
2019    Salann Magazine, Premier Issue, Connie Luebbert, Editor
2012    “Contemporary Sculptors:  84 International Artists”—Schiffer Publishing
2018    “StARTup Art Fair”—radio interview, KQED, San Francisco
2017    “California Clay Competition”—ABC News 10, Sacramento, CA
            “Dan Woodard:  Subconscious State of Mind”—ArtBookGuy.com
2015    “Dan Woodard:  Heads and Hands”—San Jose Mercury, San Jose, CA
            “Dan Woodard: From Film to Sculpture”—Peninsula Press, Stanford, CA
2014    “America’s ClayFest II”—Sacramento Bee, Sacramento, CA
2013    “Dan Woodard:  Figures and Faces”—Contra Costa Times, Contra Costa, CA
2011    “Dan Woodard:  Ceremonial Rites”—UtopicStudios.com
Awards and Honors:
2020    Featured Artist—“Artifacts from an Former World,” Startupartfair.com
2017    Aurora Award—California Clay Competition, Roseville, CA
2016    Featured Artist—“Figures and Faces,” Pacific Art League, Palo Alto, CA
            Featured Artist—Blackhawk Gallery, Danville, CA
2015    International Showcase Winner—Artslant.com
2014    Honorable Mention—“Landscapes,” Contemporaryartgallery.com
            International Showcase Winner—Artslant.com
2013    Award of Excellence—Manhattan Arts International, New York, NY
            International Showcase Winner—Artslant.com
2012    International Showcase Winner—Artslant.com
2011    Featured Artist—UtopicStudios.com
            International Showcase Winner—Artslant.com
Gallery Talks:
2020    “Lisa’s Pandemic Birthday”—“Art in the Time of Corona,” Dab Art Co., Los Angeles, CA
            “Reflections:  The Creative Process”—Arc Gallery, San Francisco, CA
            “Celebration of Art:  Artifacts from a Former World”—Marin Society of Artists, San Rafael, CA
2016    “Figures and Faces:  How I Create”—Pacific Art League, Palo Alto, CA
2015    “Sculpture in the Garden:  The Making of Burning Sun”—Ruth Bancroft Garden, Walnut Creek, CA
Art Fairs:
2018    “StARTup Art Fair”—San Francisco, CA 
            “Silicon Valley Open Studios”—Los Gatos, CA
2017    “Silicon Valley Open Studios”—Portola Valley, CA 
2011    “Silicon Valley Open Studios”—Redwood City, CA 
2010    “San Francisco Open Studios”—San Francisco, CA  
            “Silicon Valley Open Studios”—Redwood City, CA 
Show Catalogues:
2021    “Crocker/Kingsley 2021,” Blue Line Arts, Roseville, CA
2020    “Reflections,” Arc Gallery, San Francisco, CA 
2018    “Liberty,” Arc Gallery, San Francisco, CA 
2017    “California Clay Competition,” The Artery Gallery, Davis, CA 
2015    "America's Clayfest III," Blue Line Arts, Roseville, CA
2014    "America's Clayfest II," Blue Line Arts, Roseville, CA
2013    "America's Clayfest I," Blue Line Arts, Roseville, CA
            "Visions in Clay,” LH Horton Gallery, Stockton, CA
2010    "Made in California," City of Brea Art Gallery, Brea, CA
Sculpture, contemporary, abstract, cement

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Freedom From Hunger—an organization that combines microfinance with education and health resources to eradicate hunger around the world.
Oxfam America—a global organization working to right the wrongs of hunger, poverty, and injustice.
Doctors Without Borders—a global organization that responds quickly to medical humanitarian emergencies.
US Fund for UNICEF—UNICEF provides lifesaving assistance to the world's most vulnerable children.
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